The Birkman

The Birkman is by far the most advanced, most complete and most reliable tool we use. It is also the biggest investment in understanding yourself, in developing your relationships, in creating a platform that all other coaching will stand on. We often begin with the other tools listed below so clients can understand our work but we invariably move them to the full Birkman. Learn More:


High Definition 360

This 360 is like none in which you have ever participated. Our High Definition 360 is based on a detailed internal job profile AND the Birkman profile of the individual being rated. We create the HD360 for each job description, we use the Birkman to understand what we are learning about the individual that is its focus and those who are answering the questions. This is not an instant solution, but if you want to really get to the answers, this is the way…Learn More


The Gallup StrengthsFinder is an excellent introduction to the whole concept of the strengths-based approach to managing oneself or building strengths-based teams. The downloadable e-book includes an online assessment which provides immediate results directly. For teams and groups we have a highly interactive “Now Discover Your Strengths Workshop” to facilitate a deeper understanding of each person’s unique talents and strengths.  Learn More

Engagement Q12 Survey

The cost of human capital in an organization is relatively high and fixed. However, the output, depending on the level of employee engagement is quite variable. The Q12 is a 12 question survey, based on very extensive research by the Gallup Management Corp, which generates feedback about the 12 most critical elements in the workplace that generate highly engaged productivity.

The survey is conducted anonymously and managers are provided with the results and coaching aimed at improving the employee engagement level. Learn More




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