College can no longer be a shot in the dark…

These days one’s children usually represent one of the biggest long term investments of our lives and parents want to know that their kids are on the right track when it comes to picking colleges, choosing majors, deciding on first jobs or graduate work. The Birkman data gets them in the right ballpark and exploring the right things. At the same time it provides objective information for discussion.

1. Your future College grad takes the Birkman Assessment
2. We meet with them for two hours to go over the results in a Feedback Session
3. We meet with you so you understand what we’ve learned – often the teen is invited to join here and add their voice
4. We ask them to develop an action plan and to base it on their now informed opinion

This process will help create a compass for them to use as they enter the college arena. It is not a magical solution – but it will them to understand what they need to be successful, what success will look like and what stress behavior looks like. They will be able to make the compass more accurate as they learn about the college offerings, what Professors work for the – which don’t. What topics make them want to stay up all night and read more…what puts them to sleep.