The Questions You Could be Asking in Interviews…interview
Should be based on Your Needs.

Interviewing can be nerve-racking – whether it is with a prospective employer in grad school, or for a new job with a different company, or a move up. Ultimately the fit has to be good for YOU. The only way to ensure that is to be able to quickly and comfortably articulate one’s strengths and to be able to ask the right questions, which, based on your particular wiring, will tell you if the fit is going to be good.
With Birkman you are prepared. You’ll understand…

  • What kind of manager do you need for top motivation?
  • What kind of environment spurs you to reach for more?
  • if you like to make snap decisions or be more contemplative and do the research?
  • if you work better on a team or do you like to focus on projects alone or with one or two others…

By using the Birkman Insights reports, we can help you understand the answers of each of these and how to ask the perfect question to see if the job you are interviewing for will be the perfect place for you, or a working hell. Understand what went right in past jobs, and what went wrong. Don’t make the same mistakes again. We’ll show you how to identify the pitfalls and to look for the perfect fit.

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