Clay & Jennifer Primrose

Primrose Consulting builds strengths-based cultures within companies and teams.
They’re experienced executive coaches focused on increasing employee engagement and building strengths-based organizations.

Their Focus is on Supporting…

  • Managers so they can capitalize on the unique talents of the individuals in their charge, as well as the differences between them, to generate higher productivity, higher innovation around the customer experience, and higher profits from more engaged customers.
  • Teams so they are more aware, more emotionally intelligent and truly functional. 

Clay graduated from Stanford University in Psychology, and completed his MBA at the University of Texas.

Jennifer graduated from the University of Texas with a BA, and completed her Masters Degree in Educational Technology at Pepperdine University under a program co-developed with Apple.

They are both Senior certified Birkman Consultants with extensive experience working in the technology world. Both are Executive Coaches with the UT MBA Programs.

A sampling customers.