Relationships can be complicated—And they are such a large part of life. At work, there’s managing up and managing down, collaborating on teams, plus there’s spouse, kids, friends—it’s a lot to keep in really good shape, especially if people’s perceptions of the same thing are different. The Birkman Method opens the door to understanding the differences in perception and provides a language to sort out the difficulties that come from them.

not in ChargeYour kid is no longer a child. You’re not in charge anymore, but neither are they. They are trying to do things on their own, but they need guidance – and they know it, which rubs even worse sometimes. Just because they are your offspring, doesn’t mean they communicate in the same way or have the same needs as you. What seems crystal clear to you, may have many different nuances in their world. We begin doing the Birkman with Teens at the age of 16. Talk with us about whether you child would be a good candidate for this program.